Online Exclusive: Prom dress tips and tricks

Emma Hoffman, Staff Writer

With winter coming to an end prom is rapidly approaching. It’s never too soon to start planning especially for those wearing dresses.

Prom has become a huge social event, a chance for students to go out to a nice dinner, rent limousines to get there, and dress in fancy gowns and tuxedos. 

Most boys can get by with a rental tuxedo or with a suit they’ve had for a while, but for girls they go a little bit further. The most important necessity girls need for prom is the perfect dress.

This may be the most stressful task to accomplish. While it may sound easy, the number  of dress sites and stores can be overwhelming. With help and some creative ideas, you’ll be able to find the perfect dress for a special prom night.

Different methods exist to make it easier to find a prom dress. One effective method is to take a dress quiz on websites such as Seventeen magazine. The website Adrianna Papell also helps to minimize options to figure out the type of dress to look for.

If the quiz is helpful, coming up with a step- by -step process to find a dress is key. First coming up with a budget is important. It is easy to get so caught up with prom that a price point can be forgotten.

Knowing your dress style can most definitely help, as well as knowing your face shape, to find the most comfortable and flattering dress. Trial and error is the road to success so don’t be surprised if some dresses aren’t perfect right away.

Last minute dress shopping is a pain. Make sure you have enough time when starting your prom dress shopping. Ensuring you have enough time allows tailors and seamstresses to fit your dress and it makes it less stressful for yourself.

Seniors have already found luck with the perfect dress, for prom. Senior Leah Kellert said, “I have been looking for dresses for a while now and I have ordered from many different websites but I finally found one.”            

Seniors have different methods in finding the perfect one. Senior Olivia Kerben said, “I first looked at other girls’ dresses who already went to prom for inspiration. I then looked on numerous websites and ordered a bunch of dresses. Once I tried on all of the dresses I ordered I would keep the ones I liked, and return the ones I didn’t like. After narrowing down my options, I chose from the ones I liked.”