Online Exclusive: Ice cream can be enjoyed in all temperatures

Jake Hoffman
staff writer

People may say that you should eat ice cream year round but others say that eating ice cream should be something people only do on a hot summer day. Those people couldn’t be more wrong.

People argue that it will make you pretty cold if you eat cream in the winter. Although these people argue that it makes you cold, you could always go inside to eat your ice cream. People could also wear gloves or mittens to enjoy their ice cream just as much as people enjoy theirs in the summer. “I love ice cream and I will eat it when I’m on a beach in Hawaii, or even if I’m on a ski lift in Utah,” sophomore Sam Gross said.

Eating ice cream isn’t just a way to be happy, it can also help you. Eating ice cream can mollify a sore throat caused by winter weather, and ice cream provides calories to boost metabolism. Senior Chase McGraw said, “When I hurt my mouth one winter I couldn’t eat any hard foods so my mom got me ice cream to help ease the pain and so I could have some sugar.”

One advantage of eating ice cream in the winter is when you walk around you won’t need to worry about getting it everywhere because in the winter the ice cream won’t melt. When you don’t need to worry about the ice cream melting you can enjoy a cone with no napkins and just enjoy the ice cream. “In the winter ice cream is my favorite food to eat because it is so good and sweet,” freshman Tyler Cosgrove said.

Another advantage of eating ice cream in the winter is that the lines are short. When you walk up to an ice cream shop in the summer the lines are sometimes out the door, but in the winter the lines at max have five people in front of you. “I always go to Cold Stone with my friends in the winter because there’s no lines so I can get in and out quickly,” junior Riha Kohli said. 

Finally, you should eat ice cream in the winter because the prices of ice cream at the grocery stores are pretty low. Stores like Giant will have a “two for one” sale or “buy one get the next half off” in the winter. “I found mint chocolate chip ice cream for 2$ in the winter. I would never find that in the summer,” freshman Brook Pitt said. If you like ice cream why not enjoy it all year round instead of waiting for summer to come around every year, and only having three months to enjoy it.