Online Exclusive: Second semester teachers bring excitement

Sammantha Lim, Opinion Editor

When the bell rings after homeroom, you rush to look through your schedule list, trying to figure out the fastest way to get to class without being late from oncoming traffic. You become nervous as you near your classroom, wary of and excited for your new semester classes. As the second semester begins and students adapt to new teachers and classrooms, the change can be hard. But is this change positive or negative on students?

Students dislike the change because of teachers and friends already in first semester classes. “It was hard to adjust to a new schedule, and I was surrounded by more of my friends in the first semester,” freshman Ryan Lim said.

Since counselors don’t allow for teacher switches, students find that new teachers teach in different ways from what they previously learned. “I think the counselors generally won’t switch my teachers, the second semester has been harder. I think the teachers someone has can affect their overall performance in the class, because people tend to do better in their classes when they have a teacher they like or work well with,” junior Darcey Touchette said.

Switching classes can allow students to start fresh in a different environment and make new friends. “The thing I like about the shift from first to second semester is the chance to get closer and meet other people that I have never engaged with before,” sophomore Rizel Serrano said.

The change can be positive due to more effective learning. “When I switched teachers second semester, I got to start over with new teachers because I didn’t like some of my old teachers’ teaching styles,” Lim said.

A different rotation of classes gives students a chance to switch up their routine and better their schedule. “Although I preferred last semester’s classes, I like this semester’s classes and teachers as well,” Touchette said.

The class change brings new excitement to the continuing school year. “I enjoy the semester class switch because it allows you to engage with other students and teachers. It also makes the boredom of the middle of the school year a whole lot better because it’s as if you are starting a new school year,” Serrano said. The semester class changes are overall positive for both students and teachers, allowing a chance to start over in a new environment with new friends as students can look forward to bigger changes and be able to engage more with new people.