Online Exclusive: More school dances would raise money, increase bonding


Danielle Berman, Staff Writer

The events of the year are homecoming, prom, junior banquet… or are they? The debate as to whether or not to add more dances like these to the school’s schedule continuous. While people are worried that no one will go, another side to the argument is that it brings money in for the school and allows for students to all come together.

Freshman Jolie Graham said she would love another school dance. As a freshman, she feels that with all the new kids in her grade, dances with just the ninth graders would allow for another bonding experience. Also, it would allow for money to go toward freshman planning. The idea that everyone can get dressed up and spend time with fellow classmates for a fun night it is an idea that Graham loves. Although she knows that scheduling the events that happen before and after the dance can take a lot of effort, she loves to have a planned evening and enjoyed homecoming this year. “I wish the school would allow for more dances to bring the grades together better,” Graham said.

Not only dances bring together grades, but they are also a great way to allow for the school to raise money. I think with the dances that the school puts on, it allows other people to socialize that usually would not outside of school. Not only that, but it also is a really fun night hanging out with friends. I love going out to get dinner with my friends before the homecoming dance and then all hanging out after.

Others disagree with the idea of a school dance. Sophomore Reza Abediyeh believes that the school dances have become out of trend. The idea that he has to get dressed up for only pictures and then show up to a party at the school does not interest him. He believes that while the school dances are a great idea, they are outdated and do not serve any greater purpose anymore. Abediyeh believes other school activities should be put in place instead of the dances to allow for kids to not have to get dressed up in order to have a fun night. He also believes that the dances put social pressure on the students who don’t want to go. Abediyeh said that there is a pressure that everyone has to go to a dance at least once a year and he does not even enjoy the dance. “I have felt the dance has become really outdated and not fun anymore,” Abediyeh said.

But, do to lack of interest in getting up I believe we should have dances at the school with a certain theme. Like pajama themed or neon themed. This can allow for the kids to not have to get dressed up in various dresses and suits which causes a lot of effort for the students. Thus allowing for still a fun element for the kids and for the schools to still make money.