Camryn Eats: Playa Bowls

Camryn Yi, Features Editor

I scream, you scream, we all scream for açai.

Açai is a fruit that comes from palm trees located in South America. The açai berry is packed with lots of antioxidants, fiber, healthy fats and calcium. They also boast health claims such as weight loss, easing arthritis, lower cholesterol levels and helping to reduce the risk of cancer. Overall açai has many health benefits and is worth the small number of calories.

Açai bowls are a frozen puree of the fruit, which can be topped with coconut shreds, granola and lots of fruits. Recently, a new açai bowl place opened up in Cabin John Center called Playa Bowls.

I recently went to Playa Bowls with my friends to see what all the hype was about. I ordered a Nutella açai bowl, which contained granola, bananas, coconut shreds, nutella and strawberries. Being a big açai bowl fan, I was surprised at how unique it tasted compared to other açai bowls I’ve had from other places. Playa Bowls creates their own açai blend, which is why the taste was different. Playa Bowls is now my new favorite açai bowl place.

Playa Bowls is a franchise with over 65 stores from Puerto Rico to Connecticut. The aesthetic of Playa Bowls is a surf vibe, which I found to be very cool. The service at Playa Bowls is amazing. Right away I was greeted and although it was busy, the wait was pleasant due to all the environment of the store. There are TVs, areas to wait and sit in and board games.

Playa Bowls offers seven different bases: açai, pitaya, coconut, green, chia, banana and oatmeal. Per each base, there are many signature options for your bowl. There is a variety of toppings you can choose from and sauces such as nutella and peanut butter as well.

Aside from the bowls, Playa Bowls offers smoothies, soups and poke bowls. The smoothies come in two sizes, 16 oz. and 20 oz. There are 24 different types of smoothies to choose from and four soups.

I love how there is such a big variety of bowls to choose from. I don’t feel limited to my options, which made it difficult deciding which one I wanted to try.

One downfall about Playa Bowls it is a little more expensive than other açai bowl places. Açai bowls are typically around $9 and at Playa Bowls, the bowls average from around $10-$14 without any additional toppings. Additional toppings are 50 cents more.
I ordered the Nutella açai bowl with peanut butter and it was one of the best bowls I have had. The size of the bowls is a medium and the bowl tasted sweet and fresh.
I would highly recommend Playa Bowls to all açai and bowl lovers. Overall, I’d rate Playa Bowls five stars for the quality of the ingredients and all their delicious bowl options.