Zodiac signs reveal personality truths, despite skepticism

Daniel Sofer, Staff Writer

Dylan and his family go on a camping trip to the Appalachian Mountains to celebrate his birthday, which is on Apr. 15. An Apr. 15 birthday falls under the zodiac sign of Aries. Dylan reaches the mountain’s peak far ahead of the rest of his family and starts crossing the suspension bridge without a harness, which is dangerous. When he gets to the campground, he drinks a whole bottle of water and doesn’t share any of it with his parents or sister. Dylan’s character traits match with his zodiac sign because Aries tend to be active and courageous, while also being selfish and impatient at times.

A horoscope, also known as a zodiac sign, is a prediction of a person’s character that is based on the position of the stars and planets at their birth. Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn are known as Cardinal Signs and tend to be outgoing, while also being restless. Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius are known as Fixed Signs tend to be determined, while also being stubborn. Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces are known as Mutable Signs and tend to be adaptable, but indecisive when making any decision, varying from what to eat for dinner to which presidential candidate to vote for.

Freshman Nikhil Bakshi was skeptical about the zodiac signs’ accuracy just like you maybe, but when he looked up the characteristics of his zodiac sign, Aquarius, he found that there were uncanny similarities between the description and himself. Bakshi said, “I was just trying to prove to my friends that zodiac signs are a hoax, but then I found that Aquarians tend to be impulsive, stubborn and intellectual, which are three words that describe me perfectly.”

Freshman Calvin Hanway was also dubious about the precision of zodiac signs, but when he looked up the character traits associated with his sign, which is Leo, he was just as shocked as Bakshi when his personality matched his sign. Hanway said, “I thought about this coincidence and the only possible explanation that I could come up with was that the descriptions associated with the zodiac signs were just broad enough to apply to most of the population, which is why zodiac signs are so widespreadly believed in, even today.”

Astrology, the science that zodiac signs are based on, is considered the oldest science in the world and has been around for 2,400 years. According to astrologers.com, “ The zodiac (which is derived from the Greek word meaning “circle of animals”) is believed to have developed in ancient Egypt and later adopted by the Babylonians.
The veracity of zodiac signs has not been confirmed, but the following quote may or may not change your mind if you are doubtful of their exactness. Astrology.com said, “The ancient civilizations are gone, but their gift of astrology survives. If it didn’t work, it would long ago have taken its place alongside them in the footnotes of history.”