Older siblings enjoy break from college at home


Nesya Weinsweig, Staff Writer

College breaks are for catching up on sleep or with old friends, getting a job or just hanging out with family. College students returning home for break can be an adjustment for the entire family.

The beginning of winter break for college students means the end of exams and the time for sleep. Junior Drew Rubinstein said, “My brother’s favorite thing to do whenever he comes home from Georgia is to stay in bed all day and catch up on his sleep. His sleep schedule during exam week is all messed up so all he wants to do is sleep.”

Months have gone by since friends have seen each other. Their schedules are being filled with plans of going out or staying in together leaving no room for time with family. “Since my sister has been home for winter break she has slept at home many four nights because she has been out with friends or on ski trips,” junior Kevin Friedman said.

Holidays are usually a time to stay home with family, catch up and enjoy meals together. Freshman Allie Museles said, “I don’t think my brother would come home if it wasn’t for Christmas. This year we went away for Christmas so we got to spend a lot of quality time together.”

The month-long break may mean college students a job and money, whether that is returning as a seasonal employee for a former high school job or getting hired for the month. Senior Mia Waller said, “I work at South Moon Under and many of our seasonal employees returned. It was really fun working with them again and catching up, I hope that I will return as a seasonal employee when I am in college.”

Junior Sean Kim has a sister who attends Notre Dame University of Maryland. He does not get to see her during the year except for winter break so he values his quality time with his sister over break. “My sister Emily and I love opening our presents together on Christmas day,” Kim said.