Daily stress brought on by senior year

Emma Hoffman, Staff Writer

It’s no surprise that senior year of high school is a stressful time and will eventually come whether you want it or not. With schoolwork, jobs, extracurricular activities and usual commitments, the college application and preparation process begins adding more to a student’s already busy plate.

While college stress may be unavoidable, there are ways you can manage stress in order to make the process more bearable. Students have different methods of coping with the stressful time.

The hard work will eventually pay off once the process is over and college acceptance letters are awaiting. While it may seem like the end of the world there are always ways to cope with stress.

Something as easy as taking a break from work and quieting one’s mind can be a simple yet beneficial way to handle stress. Senior Leah Kellert said, “Whenever I get really stressed out doing my work or applications I will take a break to just go on my phone and relax before I continue to work.”

Exercise can be a positive stress reliever that allows one to put their stress toward a healthy outlook. Senior Arian Nyandjo said, “When I’m overwhelmed by school work and college applications I really like to workout to take my mind off what I am doing. It helps me focus and get my frustration out.”

Eliminating bad habits can be an easy way to handle stress and reduce one’s workload. Going to sleep earlier and preventing procrastination by doing work earlier can be crucial to one’s success, especially during the college process.

Students who have disposed of poor habits have seen strong results. Senior Antonia Roach said, “Instead of putting off the huge workload I have everyday I try to get my work done during lunch and wellness periods. This ensures I have more time at home to focus on my college applications and allows me to go to sleep earlier so I’m not tired during the day.”

Relying on one’s support system can be key if you find yourself in an overwhelming stressful position. Teachers, guidance counselors, friends and family . Students who use these resources to their advantage say it’s a great way to help relieve stress and get help when they need it. Senior Larry Feldman said, “My brother and parents are always there when I need help. They have given me advice and helped me with my applications I wouldn’t be able to do it without their help.”

Remembering that students across the country are going through the same stressful experience and while it may seem difficult, you are not alone in the process. Using these methods can be helpful during this time.