Students share their New Year’s resolutions


Jamie Stern, Reviews Editor

If the last decade didn’t treat you well, these are some things you should do in order to ensure this coming decade is everything you dreamed it would be.

One way to start off the decade fresh is to clean out unwanted clutter. Whether it is old clothes hanging around in the closet, contacts in a phone you haven’t talked to in a few years or five-year-old products in the bathroom, it can be beneficial to have a cleanse. Junior Ella Teichberg said, “Every year I always clean out the clothes I don’t wear in my closet and my old makeup or the makeup I don’t use anymore from my makeup drawers in order to start off fresh for the new year. It always makes me feel so much better and less cluttered.”

Another way to begin the year right is to make resolutions. Common resolutions include working out more, doing homework more frequently, or studying harder in order to try to get better grades. Creating specific goals makes people more motivated to complete the goals instead of creating a vague goal that may never be worked on. Junior Kyler Hamlin said, “I make about two resolutions for myself every new year. This year I am planning on studying more for school. I write my goals for myself and it is really helpful because then I actually work hard to work on my goal instead of forgetting about it.”
In order to seek change in the new decade, getting a new hairstyle is a good place to start. A new hairstyle allows people to forget about the past year, or decade even, and look forward to the future. It can also make people feel like they have everything in order and prepared for the new year ahead. Sophomore Brady Weiss said, “I got a new haircut on New Year’s Day because it always makes me feel ready for the new year. Also, it makes me feel like new year, new me, which is what everyone tries to do for the new year.”

Getting organized is one of the best ways to start off the new decade. One method to stay organized and on top of tasks is to get a planner. Getting a planner can make 2020 feel like a clean slate and writing down events can make people look forward to things. Teichberg said, “I get a planner every year in order to keep track of all my homework assignments, work appointments, events, and vacations. It makes me really excited and organized for the year.”