Home-bound for the holidays


Kirby Child, Front Page Editor

A 12-day break from school is appreciated by teachers and students alike, whether it is spent skiing, lounging at the beach or just relaxing at home. Although traveling over winter break is common, staying home for the holidays can also be rewarding.

Vacations are fun, but they present a lot of downsides as well. When traveling, you have to pack, arrange transportation and figure out where you are staying. Staying home, however, is effortless. According to CNN, “No vacation can offer the hermetic privacy or sociable gregariousness as one at home, surrounded by friends, or just your own four walls.”

Senior Larry Feldman spent the break at home, hanging out with his family and friends. Feldman rang in the New Year with a few close friends. “This break was really chill, and I’m glad I didn’t travel,” Feldman said.

Junior Matthew Koplan also stayed in Maryland over winter break. “I love travelling, but staying home was really relaxing,” Koplan said.

In contrast, junior Vicky Thomas went skiing in Vermont for a week. “It was really nice to be able to spend time with family and to go skiing as well because I don’t get to do those things often,” Thomas said.

A lot of families who celebrate Hanukkah or Christmas enjoy being able to celebrate in the comfort of their own home. Some families have extended family members visit, while others spend the holidays with their immediate family. “My family is usually home over winter break because we like waking up on Christmas morning and opening presents together in our own home,” junior Erin Chang said.

For the families who travel over Christmas, the majority come home for New Year’s. “I like being home for New Year’s so I can hang out with my friends,” Koplan said.
Regardless of whether you fly across the country or don’t leave your house all break, the holidays are meant to be full of good vibes. According to CNN, “At least one study has found that vacationers are no happier after their break than those who just stayed home.”

Some activities for families that decide not to plan a trip for winter break but still want to get out of the house included going to see the Zoo lights, ice skating in Rockville Town Center, shopping in Georgetown or going for a hike at Great Falls. “My family went to Great Falls one day over break. It was really nice out, and we had fun,” Chang said.