Winter sports deserve pep rally

Beatriz Kim, Staff Writer

Pep rallies are a way of showing off sports opportunities to encourage school spirit and make sports announcements to inform students of upcoming games and captains.

Even if the popular opinion about school is students hating it, pep rallies are a memorable time to spend with their friends while watching performances and skits.

The school has winter sports, so it is reasonable that we should have a winter pep rally, in addition to the ones in the fall and spring.

Pep rallies are held on the bleachers at the football field, unless the weather is bad, making upperclassmen go into the auditorium and underclassmen into the main gym, which seem like a good alternative, except, “indoor pep rallies, personally, are just very awkward and not very fun,” theater teacher Jessica Speck said.

The school does not give us a winter pep rally and although we have winter sports, we can agree that the temperature during the winter isn’t the friendliest.

Pep rallies can also be performed inside the schools, but the large number of students makes it so the entire school can not fit together.

The lack of winter pep rally makes it seem like the school doesn’t care as much for the winter sports as they do other sports.

Winter sports need their recognition and there should be a way so that winter sports are introduced and shown off just as spring and fall sports.

Sports such as basketball and indoor track deserve the recognition just as much as any other sports and the absence of the winter pep rally can be seen as unfair.

Sports events and games are ways of showing school spirit and it makes an impression about our school.

Schools sports events are social events as well, they bring friends together and students come regularly to support their friends during games and friends will appreciate it, just like how sophomore Giselle Kleinbussink encourages her friends to come see her during her volleyball games.

Winter Pep rallies seem like a fair deal to give so sports all have equal chances of promoting their sport.