Arts assembly showcases class options


Betty Berhane, News Editor

One art credit is a requirement to graduate in Montgomery County. Students with a passion for art may take as many art classes as they like, going all the way up to AP courses. But what courses are offered and are the best fit for each student? That is where the arts assembly comes in.

The arts assembly takes place in December every year. The purpose of the assembly is to inform students on the different art electives the school has to offer. By doing this in December and close to scheduling, students get exposure to the variety of art classes that they can sign up for next year.

Sophomore Andrea Quispe looks forward to the assembly every year. “It is really cool to hear the different music groups perform that we barely get to see. It’s a nice break during a stressful time in the quarter to enjoy some art by my friends and with my friends,” Quispe said.

This year, the assembly took place on Dec. 13 in the auditorium. There were two separate sessions, scheduled by second period teacher’s last name, to hold all of the students. Performances were done by the theatre two class, marching band, a capella groups, and more. A powerpoint containing pictures of students artwork from classes such as sculpting, photography and painting was also presented.

Junior and A cabella member Rishika Jadhav enjoys taking part in the assembly. “It’s really fun and a good way for the school to see the different arts electives Wootton has to offer and get more involved. Arts are always a fun and stress-free class so I think more people should take them even after they get the one credit,” Jadhav said.

Choir and a capella teacher Keith Schwartz also encourages students to participate more in the arts. “I think it’s cool for the rest of the school to see what they could be doing if they joined an art class. I think when most people see art, they don’t think it’s something that they can do. But with the arts assembly, it makes the different kinds of electives seem more approachable and something that people can actually participate in,” Schwartz said.

Art teacher Malinda Pierce advises students to take more art classes as a creative outlet. “Art classes are a chill period where students get to talk to their friends and make art at the same time. Not only is it important to learn art history and techniques, but art classes are a good way for students to express their creativity. And since most students here tend to have a pretty heavy course load, art classes are a nice break from all of that stress,” Pierce said.