College early decisions excite seniors


Leah Starr, Profiles Editor

There is no doubt that applying to colleges is one of the most stressful times of high school, so applying early decision is an offer that most seniors take.

A wide range of schools offer different application options including early action, early decision, and regular admission. Applying early decision means applying earlier than the regular admission applicants and increases chances of being accepted. If a student is accepted due to early decision then they are bound to attend that school and are forced to withdraw all other applications.

Because of this, students are recommended to research and visit different colleges before applying early decision to their first-choice school. In addition, students who are accepted can spend more time learning about their school and less time stressing about other applications.

Senior Jennifer Yeh decided to apply early decision to Cornell after hearing good things about the school from family, tours and extensive research of their classes and their biology pre-med programs. “I was really impressed with the campus, classes and the diversity of the students,” Yeh said.

Applying early decision was difficult due to the early deadline and extra supplemental essay needed to show interest in the specific undergrad college of arts and sciences that Yeh was applying for. “I started working on my ED application over the summer and spent months trying to perfect my common application and supplemental. I also had to make sure the rest of my application was ready. After I got everything in I was relieved of a lot of stress,” Yeh said.

Although the application process was lengthy, it was worth it. “I’m very proud of myself because I feel like all the hard work I put into my schoolwork and extracurriculars paid off. I’m super happy I got into my first choice school because now I don’t have to worry about doing my regular decision applications anymore,” Yeh said.

The same process took place for senior Peter Pietri as he applied early decision to Vanderbilt. “I toured the campus and visited the surrounding Nashville to make sure that I could see myself in that environment. I also made sure the school matched with my academic needs,” Pietri said.

His application process included a parent, counselor and himself signing a contract to carry out the binding application. Pietri also will be studying pre-med in college. “It was important to find out shadowing and research opportunities at Vanderbilt ahead of time,” Pietri said.

Pietri withdrew his other applications the following day and continues to prepare for life at Vanderbilt. “I am definitely excited to attend Vanderbilt as it has been my dream for so long,” Pietri said.