Students celebrate New Year with family, friends

Danielle Berman, Staff Writer

Three…two…one… Happy New Year’s!

The wonderful night that can last anywhere from nine at night to two in the morning has different meanings to people. People make different traditions with family to end one year and start this next with. Some go to other peoples’ homes while some simply just watch the ball drop at home on their TV.

Sophomore Jaimie Morris traditionally hangs out with all of her friends. They all like to be together for the new year in the comfort of one of their houses. Morris and her friends all wear their pajamas and order take-out for dinner. With this tradition they believe it symbolizes that they will stay together throughout the year. She further said how they all love to have a chill evening where they can all be together. “We do it every year and hope that it doesn’t end,” Morris said.

Another tradition that junior Connor Koch participates in is lighting sparklers with his family. When the ball drops his family loves to light sparklers to symbolize the excitement for the new year. Due to his love for fireworks Koch loves to see the amount of light the sparkler produces. Koch loves to do this with his family because it is so bright and colorful, which is how he wants his new year to be. “It is a great time to spend with my family,” Koch said.

Senior Matthew Kopisidas has the tradition of making New Year’s resolutions with his family. They make a list, of some of which are personal and some of them are about the whole family. Kopisidas said he tries to stick to them but they can be hard to try to stay on track with. This year one of his resolutions is to work to regain some of his soccer skills after his injury in preparation for his upcoming years at college. “I hope to work harder at soccer and be ready for college,” Kopisidas said.

Freshman Brooke Pitt has the tradition of sharing gifts with her family to get excited for the new year. In December, Pitt buys small gifts for her siblings and parents. On New Year’s Eve they will all give each other the gifts that they bought for each other. Some years she has gotten a spa kit and others have been little toys like confetti poppers. Pitt said they buy each other stuff to symbolize how much they care about each other in the past and present years. “It is just a great time with my family and we all look forward to it every year,” Pitt said.