Disney Plus launches into homes nationwide, competes with Netflix

Erin Frost, Features Editor

Tired of the limited selections available on Netflix? Nothing to watch on TV? Miss watching the classic childhood Disney movies and TV shows? Disney plus, the ultimate streaming destination for Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, and National Geographic is here to solve those problems.

On Nov.12, Disney Plus launched and is now available to stream for $6.99/mo or $69.99/yr. Disney Plus allows viewers a seven-day free trial, and those who use Verizon have a free month of streaming. “My family uses Verizon, which is allowing me to watch Disney Plus for a month free. There are so many selections to choose from, and it includes so many shows I haven’t been able to watch on other streaming apps, like Netflix or Hulu,” senior Molly Burns said.

After launching, Disney Plus quickly gained more than 10 million subscribers, leaving Netflix and Hulu taking notes. Approximately 7,000 television episodes and 500 films are included within Disney Plus, streaming shows made for audiences up to a PG-13 rating, including all of Disney’s family-friendly content. With the variety of shows and movies offered, Disney Plus attracted millions of people ranging from families with young children, teens interested in watching their childhood favorites, and adults. “My family subscribed to Disney Plus because it benefitted all of the family. My younger brothers love it, I love it, and even my mom loves it,” freshman Jolie Graham said.

The biggest debate in regards to Disney Plus is whether or not it is worth the price. Disney Plus offers shows and movies unable to be accessed from other streaming apps such as Netflix and Hulu. Four people can stream at once, differing from Netflix, which allows two people to stream at once and the option to upgrade to four, as well as Hulu, which also allows two people to stream at once. Seven members are allowed to one account, and unlimited past and present day shows and movies come together to make the price worth it.“In comparison to the price of Netflix and Hulu and what they include, Disney Plus is definitely worth the price. It includes shows and movies that just alone are $10 to buy a piece. You can stream your shows anywhere, anytime, and there are so many options, making the $7 a month worth it,” senior Larry Feldman said.

Disney Plus also offers a deal to buy a package including Disney Plus, Hulu and ESPN Plus for just $12.99/mo. This deal saves customers who subscribe to all three individually $4.99 a month. “Disney Plus already offers so much and including this deal is an additional advantage and saves you a lot of money,” junior Eleni Jones said.