Students reminisce on favorite activities of 2019

Nesya Weinsweig, Staff Writer

“Three, two, one… Happy New Year’s!” Couples kiss, the ball drops and crowds cheer all around the world as the clock hits 12 on Jan. 1. As 2019 comes to an end, a new decade starts and we all reflect on the most memorable memories of the past year.

Junior Rozhin Fadae reflects on a recent memory, Thanksgiving. “My favorite memory was Thanksgiving because it was a time dedicated to love and family. I got to see so many people that mean a lot to me and appreciate how fortunate I am. Plus I got to eat incredible food and go to Thanksgiving parties,” Fadae said.

Homecoming night comes with memories to carry in the years ahead, such as the planned friends dinner. Sophomore Sachin Krishna-Rogers was accompanied by sophomores Brady Weiss, Nate Jacobs, James Walsh, Jake Lotenburg, Ian Reppie and others at Iron Age. They turned a poorly planned night with the girls into an amusing boys’ night. “I think it was more fun going to dinner with my boys because I will always remember it,” Krishna-Rogers said.

Summer is the number one time to make memories and for junior Kyler Hamlin this past summer was filled with memories at Bethany Beach.

Hamlin said, “I spent the majority of this summer at Jacob Kravitz’ beach house and it was definitely a highlight because I got to meet up with all my friends who were also at the beach while meeting new friends. I loved it so much I convinced my parents to get a beach house, so now I will have a place for the upcoming summers.”

Another memory from this past summer was spent sitting by the pool lifeguarding by junior Kevin Friedman. Friedman enjoyed the long hours by the Montgomery Square pool, being able to tan as well as watch over kids. He plans to return next summer because of how much he adored it. Friedman said, “I wouldn’t want to spend my summer any other way.”
With 2019 ending students reflect on the past year and the unforgettable events that made the year so amazing. The new year is just around the corner, leaving thoughts of all the new memories to come with friends and family.