Math teacher Suzanne Pykosh dedicates free time to students

Katherine Jackson, Staff Writer

Math teacher and SAT/ACT tutor Suzanne Pykosh devotes her time to students all around the community. Working with Prep1on1, she is set up with rising juniors from different Montgomery County schools who are interested in tutoring for the big tests.

Pykosh has been teaching a variety of math classes here for the last 22 years. Prior to her arrival here she taught for two years at Potomac Ridge Treatment Center. She is currently teaching two Precalculus classes and three Honors Algebra 2 classes, which fill up her day. Her busy schedule does not stop her from helping students whenever she can.

Watching her students grasp a better understanding of each topic has been a fulfilling experience for Pykosh. She has a strong bond with her students and has been able to help them in and outside of the subject itself. “Ms. Pykosh is a great teacher and is always there to help me understand something even if she isn’t my teacher that semester. She is also my math and science tutor for the ACT and has helped me so much in the last few months during my focus on the test. I am very appreciative of all the things she has done to help me reach a better understanding of math in general,” junior Ari Glazier said.

What makes Pykosh different than other teachers is how much time she spends tutoring for the SAT and ACT outside of school. Pykosh has been tutoring different subjects for the last 10 years, but it was only in the last two that she began tutoring for the ACT/SAT. This is a change that she has loved and found enjoyable, for many reasons. “It is especially rewarding to see scores improve and to watch students who are happy with the outcome of their hard work,” Pykosh said.

While tutoring and teaching at the same time is fun for Pykosh it can also take up a lot of time. She has learned how to balance both with family time as well. Pykosh schedules her tutoring sessions to ensure that she can be done before 6 p.m. every night and make it home to her family in time to relax. “It is difficult teaching and tutoring because it is mentally and physically exhausting, although I love it,” Pykosh said.

Students find Pykosh to be a great teacher with a great attitude. “Ms. Pykosh is always working so hard to grade our tests quickly and be able to help us during lunch. Having her as a teacher has made me think about math in a much more positive way,” junior Kyler Hamlin said.