Miller Romm manages junior year with athletic career

Hannah Rah, Staff Writer

Everyone says junior year is the hardest and junior Miller Romm can attest to that. He balances three APs with two varsity sports and participation in diverse clubs. He has a strong passion for history and writing and enjoys watching the History Channel with whatever free time he has.

Romm plays basketball and baseball here, with a stronger focus on the latter. He has been playing baseball for 10 to 11 years and hopes to play in college. To reach his goal of playing the sport at the college level, Romm practices every day. “There are always improvements to be made. You can never be satisfied with where you are. I’m trying to play college baseball, so I go in every day to improve,” Romm said.

Over time, Romm has developed other characteristics and skills that enable him to be a better player on the field. “Besides his actual playing ability, his leadership and his ability to pick up other players and bring a positive environment to every game are his greatest strengths,” fellow baseball player and senior Conor Walsh said.

Romm is currently taking AP Environmental Science, AP Lang and AP World History. He manages his workload by balancing his APs; one of his AP classes is highly intensive in class and less so in terms of work at home, while another is the opposite and the last is a mix of the two. “Time management is the hardest part of being a student athlete, so I keep a constant calendar to plan out what I’m going to do. Every day, I start my homework at 7:15, regardless of how much of it I have,” Romm said.
Romm has been able to apply the skills he has developed throughout his athletic career to his academics as well. “Miller’s work ethic is strong and I could see that his athletic training influences that. He is pretty methodical when it comes to meeting with me for advice on an assignment, for example. Dedication and motivation are some of his strong suits,” AP Lang teacher Nick Hitchens said.

Romm prioritizes his academics over all other aspects of his life. He hopes to attend either Dartmouth or Tufts University, where he can continue to play baseball but still work hard academically. “I put academics over athletics. I would say I put family first, then academics, athletics and friends,” Romm said.

Romm is a member of the History Honors Society, Latin Honors Society, Jewish Student Union and Persian Club. He is also the backpage editor of the school newspaper. “It’s important to switch it up and be creative. Think outside your comfort zone,” Romm said while describing being an editor.
While he believes maintaining straight As and managing baseball at once can be difficult, he sees his high achievement in academics and sports as his biggest success. Romm juggles clubs, sports and academics, and he hopes to achieve even more in the future. “I’m hoping my greatest accomplishment is yet to come,” he said.