Junior Zara Chavoshi scores position on D1 Wake Forest soccer team


Helena Hong, Staff Writer

Junior Zara Chavoshi has been playing soccer since she was six years old and recently committed to Wake Forest to play Division 1 soccer.

Chavoshi has to balance her busy soccer schedule with school work and other extracurriculars. She has been on varsity soccer since her freshman year and is on a club soccer team, McLean ENCL, based in McLean, Virginia. Typically there are three practices a week ranging from one and a half hours to two hours for each practice and then showcases or games every weekend. Chavoshi is also in SGA. “It’s been difficult balancing school and soccer but I’m making do. I am thankful for my teachers as well because I miss a lot of school when I travel,” Chavoshi said.

SGA members understand her commitment to soccer and despite her absences, recognize her determination to remain involved in school and participate in mandatory activities. “Zara has a lot going on in her life and the fact that she can still be driven in school and work hard makes many people respect her a lot. She still somehow manages to get everything she needs done and stays positive, which is impressive,” junior Hank Breen said.

As a result of missing school for soccer, Chavoshi often feels overwhelmed, yet she works hard to maintain her grades. “I miss a lot of school when I travel, which is difficult. As a matter of fact, I’ve missed the last four Fridays which adds more stress because I can’t always bring my textbooks and homework if I’m flying, but I’m making it work by working harder when I get back and going in for lunch,” Chavoshi said.

Despite the demands of soccer, Chavoshi still enjoys playing as it has been a big part of her life and helps her grow as a person. “I think it is fair to say I love soccer. It’s been a huge part of building me and allows me to expend lots of my energy onto the field. All my emotions go away when I am playing soccer, which has benefited me greatly, especially when I’m frustrated or stressed,” Chavoshi said.

After 10 years of playing soccer, her hard work has paid off as she has committed to Wake Forest. “When I committed to Wake, I was just really thankful for my parents that helped me get there as well as my coaches and team. I am so happy to be a part of the community of Wake and I can’t wait for what they hold for me,” Chavoshi said.

Her varsity soccer teammates praise her for her positive and outgoing personality as well as being an outstanding soccer player. “Zara is an amazing player and playing soccer with her was very fun, especially when I played forward with her. She is always supportive and makes practices more enjoyable,” sophomore Natalie Matikyan said.

Chavoshi’s friends are thankful for her cheery and lighthearted attitude and although she goes through hardships with her schedule, she remains positive. “I’m really glad I’m friends with Zara because she always knows how to cheer people up and look on the bright side of things. She always makes me feel better when I am down,” junior Paige Abid said.