Anti-vaping campaign undertaken by Wootton Wellness Warriors


Sammantha Lim, Opinion Editor

The Wootton Wellness Warriors are unrolling an anti-vaping campaign this month. The warriors are hoping that before purchasing these products, students will consider the dangerous long term effects such as popcorn lung and lung cancer, but also short term effects like shortness of breath and spikes in blood pressure.

Their first project began with the presentation in Patriot Time on Dec. 3. “We provided teachers with a newsletter with facts and information,” counselor Theresa Dethlefsen said.

Furthermore, posters have been put up around the school and information will be broadcast on the morning announcements. “I’ve seen posters all around the school and watched the Patriot Time lesson. I think this campaign will be very helpful and beneficial for students,” junior Avana Wang said.

On Dec. 9 at 6:30 p.m., a cluster event was held for students and parents. “There will be a resource fair and we will also have Dr. Ruben Baler, a Health Scientist, National Institute of Drug Abuse, NIH coming to speak,” Dethlefsen said.

Wootton Wellness Warriors are open to join for all students who are interested. “The Warriors group was started last year. We had put out a Google form and students just had to fill out why they were interested in joining. Students who are possibly interested are welcome to come along and join us,” Dethlefsen said.

These projects aim to help students, parents and teachers learn about the risks and consequences of vaping. “I do think this anti-vaping campaign will show the health effects of vaping and hopefully convince more people to stop the use of vapes,” sophomore Katelyn Cheng said.

The warriors want students to fully understand personal risk or help someone who is addicted. “We hope to gain more awareness, because we want students, staff and parents to feel more comfortable and less stressed with the topic of vaping,” Dethlefsen said.