Top news events: Iran internet shutdown, impeachment


Noah Lenkin, Staff Writer

Three current events include the impeachment hearings, the internet shutdown by the Iranian government and laws being passed that allow people who have been abused by the Catholic church decades ago to sue and gain some measure of closure.

Impeachment hearings are being held because the Democrats believe they have substantial proof linking President Donald Trump to a quid pro quo with Ukraine. They are demanding Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden’s investigation and if Ukraine does not comply Trump would withhold $ 400 million in aid.

The hearings have moved past the public testimony and into the voting phase as well as potential meetings with Trump and his lawyers. The House Judiciary committee will decide whether or not to take the impeachment hearings to a full House vote. On Monday, Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House asked committee chairs to push forward with articles of impeachment.

Students have strong feelings about impeachment. “I think that even though that Trump has a lot of evidence against him in the hearings, he will not be impeached because the Senate, which votes on the articles of impeachment enacted by the House is controlled by his party the Republicans,” junior Val Zhao said. There are students who are following the impeachment process closely, but there are also others who are confused by the process.“Even though I have been following politics, I genuinely have no idea what it is going with the impeachment hearings as to myself the process is very confusing to follow,” junior Ellie Esterowitz said.

A second event in the news is that Iran’s government has enacted an internet blackout in their country for nearly a month. Due to citizens protesting in the streets over the sudden rise of fuel prices, the government imposed the shutdown while cracking down on protesters. Similar blackouts were imposed in 2017-2018 and 2009.

The situation seems drastic, with the government showing no signs of backing down and issuing reforms to their laws, because Iran is a traditional country.

Students expressed frustration toward Iran. “I am very disappointed that Iran’s internet was shut down because every person should have the right to express themselves and air their viewpoints,” junior Tyler Konigsberg said.

A third issue dominating the media is the Catholic Church sexual abuse scandal. Hundreds of people have come forward and claimed that bishops and priests within the Catholic Church used their power to abuse them and cover up the subsequent abuse, according to The Washington Post.