Consumers receive Black Friday benefits online

Jenna Lind, Sports Editor

Black Friday is a much anticipated event of the year, due to prices being lower than usual and it being a fun time with friends or family. However, it has recently become more of an online experience rather than in-store shopping.

Years ago, people waited outside in lines for hours for stores to open and now stores have the same deals online that they do it store. “After Thanksgiving dinner my sister and I used to drive to Montgomery Mall and shop for hours. We used to find such great deals that we could only find in the stores, but now it is not worth staying up late to shop when I can wake up the next morning and buy everything I want on the computer and avoid the chaos of the mall,” junior Liron Gamliel said.

Some stores tend to have more products online and with deals on top of them it seems it is becoming more popular. “Clothing stores put more items online and have more options for colors and overall have more in stock. Shopping online is easier because there is no line. Now it seems more like two Cyber Mondays because so many people do their shopping online during Black Friday,” junior Jenna Robinson said.

Although people shop online now some people still prefer to go to the store and try clothes on or buy products in stores. “I went to the store and bought Ray Ban sunglasses because they were 30 percent off, but that was the only good product I could find when shopping,” senior Mason Miller said.

Some stores had good Black Friday deals while others had no deal at all or was such a small deal it was not worth it. Target had a sale from 20-50 percent off items, Apple had up to $700 off the iPhone 11, Dell had 50 percent off, American Eagle had 40 percent off, Victoria Secret/Pink had buy one get one free, Best Buy had at least $50 off big items if not more.

Ross did not give any promotions. “Some stores seemed like they were giving good deals and then you looked at the price tag and realized that the price was still ridiculously high. Other stores did have good deals but I am overall happy with my purchases,” sophomore Angela Roach said.

People may feel as if Black Friday is a scam or overrated because stores make it seem as if they are having a sale when in reality they raised the original price. “Black Friday is an overindulgence of consumerism. I went into a store that said they had tea on sale for half off, but I go in that store everyday and it was the same price as it usually is,” social studies teacher Maima Barclay said