Holiday traditions excite: Season of lights celebrated with gifts, joy, spirit

Emma Hoffman, Staff Writer

Christmas has more meaning behind it than just opening gifts under the Christmas tree. The purpose is to commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ as a religious and cultural celebration, with around 2 billion people celebrating it worldwide.

Christmas is celebrated in a variety of ways. Junior Keyan Roshan said, “I stay home for Christmas. It’s tradition in my family, and it’s always so fun being able to wake up Christmas morning at my house.”

Some do Christmas dinner while others do it differently. Junior Riya Kohli said, “Every year I celebrate Christmas with a big breakfast. Some of my friends do dinner but, in my family, we have always done breakfast food the morning of Christmas.”

Those who don’t celebrate Christmas have different ways to spend this day, including staying home or going on vacation. Freshman Sean Snyder said, “My family and I go on vacation every year over winter break. On Christmas day for us it’s just like any other day so we go skiing.”

Junior Tyler Koningsberg, who is Jewish, has his own Christmas traditions with his family. Koningsberg said, “Every year my family and I go to Vail and go skiing. While we are there on Christmas Eve we order Chinese food and eat together as a family. It became a tradition we do every year.”

With few stores or businesses open, movie theaters are one of the only places open on Christmas. Sophomore Jaimie Morris said, “Every year on Christmas my family and I go to the movies and watch a new movie that came out. It’s a lot of fun and it’s cool that they stay open.”

Wanting to have a fun-filled holiday season doesn’t mean you can’t give back to those in need. Some students volunteer their time on Christmas Day. Freshman Mason Berk said, “I sometimes volunteer at different charities on Christmas Day. It’s a great way to give back before the new year and it’s really fun to do.”

Although people may not celebrate the holiday, joining in on the festivities is a great way to spend Christmas. English teacher Evva Starr said, “My family spends Christmas Eve with two of our neighbors, both Christian, celebrating Christmas. We have a Feast of the Seven Fishes and all exchange gifts together. It is so fun and we are so happy to share in their holiday.”