Shared rooms lead to shared lives

Jamie Stern, Reviews Editor

Siblings are built in best friends, until, of course, you begin sharing any type of room with them. Sharing rooms with your siblings can create fights or it can bring you together.

Sharing rooms with siblings can also be an invasion of space, which can create fights over the years. Whether it is over who showers first, or how to organize the sink counter, fights are inevitable. Junior William Margarities said, “I shared a bathroom with my brother all my life. We got into many fights over about everything. Now that he is in college and I have my own bathroom, life is a lot more stress free without wondering how I will get to shower first.”

Sharing a bedroom with a sibling can be beneficial for their bond. Deep conversations before bed, learning how to compromise, and spending so much time together in the room can strengthen the bond between siblings.

Junior Riya Kohli said, “I don’t have to share a room with my sister at home but whenever we are on vacation we are always in the same room. I noticed that is when we are the closet because we are spending so much more time together than we normally do and it’s really good for our relationship.”

Siblings who don’t share any rooms together are known to not have as strong a bond due to the lack of time they would have spent together if they did share a room. This is because the lack of one-on-one time they would typically have if they did share a room. Kohli said, “I am five years older than my younger sister, yes. It is a pretty big age gap. Also, we don’t share a room, which is why we aren’t so close because we don’t spend much time together.”