Siblings reflect on experiences going to school together


Helena Hong
staff writer

As I walk across the bridge after sixth period everyday, I see my sister walking from the other side toward me. We look at each other and a wave of questions rush through my head. Do I say “hi” or do I just keep walking like I did not see her? When she passes me, we end up exchanging a weird look and continue to walk to our classes.

For some students, going to school with their siblings might be the best experience but for others, it can be the worst. From those awkward run-ins in the halls to giving advice to each other, students have different feelings and experiences on going to the same school as their brother or sister.
Senior Ashley Slud enjoys going to school with her younger sister, sophomore Amanda Slud. “I like seeing her in the halls and driving to school together. I let her know if she needs me I’m there for her. I feel like we can bond over more things now since we go to the same school,” Slud said.

Junior Arzoe Singh has an older brother, senior Yuvi Singh, and likes attending school with him. “It’s really nice to see him in the halls and it’s funny if we both end up having the same teacher,” Singh said.

Sophomore Nicole Jezek enjoys going to school with her older brother, junior Thomas Jezek. “I love going to school with my brother because it brought us so much closer since we have more things to bond over. It’s also fun to drive to school with him,” Jezek said.

Freshman Jake Hoffman says he benefits from having an older sister, junior Emma Hoffman, who goes to the same school because he can use her previous experiences to his advantage. “I like going to school with my sister because she tells me about the classes and helps me with what classes I should take. She helps me with my homework and it’s really convenient,” Hoffman said.

Siblings also share different opinions about going to the same school. “It feels a little weird going to the same school as my younger brother because I’m not used to seeing him at the same school,” junior Sean Kim said.

While Kim is not used to seeing his brother, his younger brother, freshman Nick Kim, likes seeing him at school. “It’s nice having an older brother going to the same school as me because I can get advice from him and he tells me about the teachers and the courses, which is helpful. I feel like we also got closer because we have more things we can talk about like the teachers,” Kim said.