Championship win, excites crowd

Hoda Hussein, Staff Writer

Seconds were left on the clock, Ariel Atkins sat on the corner of the court with her head on her fists, Emma Meeseman, 6-foot 4 center, was on the other side of the paint her hands on her head, and 6-foot guard Natasha Cloud and 6-foot 5 power forward Elena Delle Donne enveloped each other in a hug. The disbelief was evident on everyone’s faces. The crowd was jumping and chanting their unofficial slogan “Run it back!”

The Washington Mystics had snuffed the Sun’s hopes and dreams winning in the decision game 5. The Mystics bringing home another trophy for Washington. Even better, they won at home, the nation’s capital, Washington D.C.

Last year, the Mystics had been swept by the Storm and they lost the finals at home too. This season the Mystics came into the season already knowing the feeling of loss. They knew they were not going to feel this feeling again. They had the best record in the league, only losing eight of their 32 games this season.

Entering the game the Mystics knew they couldn’t lose, not again. They were going to bring home the trophy this year. The series was tied 2-2, the decision game. The Suns had already beaten the Mystics at home, but the Mystics also beat them at home. Even so, the Mystics were not going to let the Sun’s be crowned champions at their own home.

The Mystics had been trailing the entire game, at the end of the third, the score was 64-62, Suns. Fans were looking discouraged as it looked like the Mystics weren’t going to come back this season, but they rallied back into the game in the fourth quarter, going for quick shots, rebounds, assists and steals.

With 50 seconds left on the clock, they knew they had won, ;he score was 89-78, Mystics. The Mystics had won the trophy this season.

The Mystics and D.C. were not able to celebrate their win as their celebration parade was pushed to the spring, before the beginning of the 2020 season according to the Mystics WNBA website.

Coach Mike Thibault said, “Many of our players have commitments to play internationally and some, including Emma, will have to leave town as early as tomorrow” according to the Mystics website.

Fans were disappointed in not being to attend a celebration parade for the Mystics. “When I heard that the parade would be in spring, I was disappointed, since it was the Mystic’s first championship,” sophomore Veronica Crawford said.

Sophomore Abi Addison said that she had conflicting feelings about the parade being pushed back. “It’s going to be super cold, but at the same time, in the spring all the excitement would be gone, it wouldn’t be the same,” Addison said.

Along with the Mystics winning the championship, the Nationals also made it to the World Series. “It’s the start of a winning season, literally the next day the Nats got into the World Series. It’s exciting to see two D.C staple teams in the championship, but also one winning,” Crawford said.