Athletes excited to train for season ahead


Jenna Lind, Sports Editor

Indoor track practice started Nov. 15. At practice student athletes take part in conditioning, strength, form, technique, working on starts and relay exchanges.

Junior Sean Kim has been on the indoor track team for three years and has been running for a total of six years. He has been training year round and is excited for what the new season entails. “Indoor track keeps me in shape and forces me to run when it is cold outside and when I do not want to,” Kim said.

Indoor track is a way for students to prepare for spring sports and is a fun way for students to train. “Indoor track makes sure I stay fit from cross country season and makes sure that I run and am prepared for the outdoor track season and also is a good opportunity to have fun with my friends while also being productive,” senior Dylan Horkan said.

Students participate in either sprints, distance or jumps when being a part of the indoor track team. The team practices outside most of the time unless weather does not permit it. “Although running outside in the cold is not very enjoyable it is fun to do with my friends on the team,” Kim said.

This season indoor track welcomes newcomers and veterans who decided to participate. “I am excited for the new athletes to show me what they can do as well as put forth their best effort and have the veterans continue to try their best and have a great time,” coach and security guard Harrold Warren said.

Indoor track creates a loving and welcoming environment for all athletes from the coaches as well as teammates. “ This is my first year joining the team and I am excited for the spirit and the environment of the team. I am also excited for the support that the team will receive from other students and the competition of the sport. Overall I think this season of indoor track will be very enjoyable and memorable,” junior Samiyah Ester said.

This season of indoor track veterans are setting goals for themselves in an effort to achieve them. “This season I am hoping to cut down my time and become faster. Also, I want to be consistent and work hard and smart to where I am satisfied with all my performances. ”Kim said.

The first meet is on Dec. 6 at PG county sports and learning complex against all MCPS schools.