JV girls’ basketball strives to deliver comeback season


Rob Carpenter, Sports Editor

Last year, there was almost not a JV girls basketball team because there were not enough players at tryouts. The varsity team was stacked with underclassmen, limiting the number of players on JV. However, several girls stepped up and joined the team, giving them enough players.

The girls have been preparing for the season, playing in a mixed winter and summer league with varsity. “The summer and fall leagues were important for getting me ready for the winter season,” sophomore guard Nikki Faroughi said.

A lot of the girls were playing for the first time. “This was my first time playing basketball. I was also in basketball class during school, which helped me prepare for the season and improve my skills,” Faroughi said.

The team had a 3-12 record last year. They are looking to make a big improvement with several new girls trying out. “I am excited to play again and continue to get better and hopefully improve from last year,” Faroughi said.

Tryouts started on Nov. 15 and continued for several days. They include drills and lots of conditioning. “I was nervous going into tryouts. It was good that I had experience from last year,” Faroughi said.

Last year, there were no cuts at tryouts due to limited girls trying out. Tryouts determined if a player makes varsity or JV. “I was able to make the JV team with limited basketball experience,” Faroughi said.

Practice for the team is every day after school and on Saturday mornings. “We practice so much and it really helps us for the games,” sophomore Orley Bennaim said.

Due to the intense schedule, it is important to balance school and other activities. “I get my homework done on Sundays and also use that time to get ahead in my classes,” Bennaim said.

The team is losing a key player, sophomore forward Lizzie Nelson. “I am not doing basketball this year because I am going to prepare for the softball season,” Nelson said.

The girls play their first game against Springbrook on Dec. 5 at home, looking to start off fresh with a big win. “I can’t wait for the games to start. Come out and support us,” Bennaim said.