Camryn Eats: Thanksgiving

Camryn Yi, Features Editor

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays because I get to see all my relatives who I haven’t seen for a while, as well as enjoy delicious food.

Thanksgiving is a time for all families and loved ones to get together and feast on delicious food while giving thanks to all they are thankful for. As Thanksgiving is right around the corner, I’m here to help you prepare the signature recipes for the feast.

When people think about Thanksgiving foods, the first thing that comes to mind is turkey. The turkey is symbolic of Thanksgiving because during the first Thanksgiving between the Native Americans and the colonists, they feasted on four turkeys. Ever since then it’s become a tradition in America.

The turkey takes around three hours to cook so it’s important to start a couple hours before the meal. First you have to gut and dry the turkey, then it’s important to fill the turkey with plenty of aromatics in order to create that pungent flavoring. After you put your turkey into a pan, you have to create a foil tent over the turkey and roast it for two to four hours depending on weight. Although the turkey isn’t the easiest food to make, it’s the best. It’s the food that defines Thanksgiving.

The next signature Thanksgiving platter is the stuffing. Stuffing is made up of different spices, broths and bread. You should make the stuffing the night before. The first thing you do is cut up a baguette and dry it out in the oven for about 45 minutes, and allow it to sit out overnight. Next is to add all the vegetables into a pan and heat it up until golden brown. Add the vegetables to the bread and sautee with spices. Bake for 40 minutes with foil over it, and then bake for 45 minutes without the foil.

One of my absolute favorites is mashed potatoes and gravy. It takes about 30 minutes to make and only involves a couple of steps. My family buys the Trader Joe’s mashed potatoes because they are quick and easy. First you thaw out the bag, next you put it in a pot and add a little milk. Once it starts melting you mix until it’s the right consistency.

If you prefer homemade mashed potatoes, it takes about 30 minutes to make. First you cook potatoes in a pot of boiling salt water until tender. Next, you drain out the water and mash the potatoes up while adding in salt, half and half and sour cream. To make the gravy you need chicken broth, butter and flour. You combine everything in a saucepan, whisking constantly. Afterwards, you can add the gravy into a gravy boat.

The best part about Thanksgiving is the signature pumpkin pie dessert. Although you could just go to any supermarket and buy a premade pumpkin pie, making it yourself is so much more fun. The overall time it takes to make is a little over an hour. The main ingredients needed are mashed, cooked pumpkin, spices, evaporated milk, pie crust and shortening. Whisk together all your ingredients and pour into pie crust. Cover it and refrigerate until ready to eat.