The perfect fall activity: attending farmers’ market in Kentlands

Dylan Cohen, Staff Writer

Everyone remembers their parents telling them to eat their fruits and veggies when they were little, but how often did you actually get to eat the healthiest food that was fresh from a garden?

The Kentlands farmers’ market has a dozen stands selling all kinds of delicious food without all of the processing and chemicals. Not only do vendors at the market sell food, but they also sell handmade artwork, plants, sewed items and more. One of the popular stands at the market is Tuckey’s Fruit and Vegetables Farm, run by Katie and Ryan Tuckey.

The market is in Gaithersburg at the corner of Hart Rd. and Midtown Rd. in the Kentlands. It’s open from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. every Saturday during all seasons of the year. Parking spots can be difficult to find depending on how busy the Kentlands is. The market is completely outdoors with all of the stands as tents.

Tuckey’s Fruit and Vegetables Farm at Kentlands farmer’s market sells fruits, vegetables and other kinds of foods and drinks year-round every Sunday. During the fall, they sell vegetables including from spaghetti squash, pumpkins, Brussels sprouts, kale, peppers, tomatoes, pears, honey, cider, applesauce and 14 varieties of apples. That’s right, 14 kinds of deliciously sweet goodness to choose from.

One of my all-time favorites from Tuckey’s are the orange tomatoes. These are unbelievably sweet with an acidic hint. As you bite into one of these tomatoes, you can feel the juices and seeds explode into your mouth and give your tastes buds the satisfaction that they deserve.

Brightly colored and fresh smelling, the food sold at this farm stand will satisfy all of your senses. All of the fruits and veggies there have a satisfying not-too-crunchy and not-too-chewy texture.

At Tuckey’s, the employees are kind and accommodating to all of your needs. I, am environmentally friendly so the employees there always remember to not give me a bag, and they let me return the pint containers that the food was stored in. As an added bonus, the fruits and vegetables don’t have those pesky stickers that you usually end up throwing in the garbage.

Tuckey’s is set up with a white tent and wooden tables with paper pint containers of food on them. Under the tables, there are wooden crates of “seconds” or foods that are a little dented or marked-up, but still taste just as good. The food at Tuckey’s is relatively cheap, averaging only $4 per pint, and the ‘seconds’ cost even less. Who said eating healthy had to be expensive?

All of the food that’s sold at this stand is grown by the Tuckeys on a farm in Gardeners, PA. Gardeners is about 88 miles north of Gaithersburg, making the food transport relatively short compared to other large food corporations. The short food transport makes for low carbon emissions and a longer shelf life for all of these scrumptious fruits and veggies.