End of quarter grades stress students, pressure teachers

Emma Hoffman, Staff Writer

With the quarter ending on Nov. 8, grades for the first marking period had to be finished and submitted by Nov. 12.

The last few days of the quarter can be a stressful time for students. The grading during the last few days also puts stress on the teachers to finish and finalize grades.

Certain teachers may be on top of grading, while others finish the grades last minute. The last minute grading can affect students negatively.

For students, school and grades are important, and when the quarter comes to an end the stress to get good grades kicks into full gear. Students make sure all their work is turned in the final grade they will receive in a class.The luxury of knowing a final grade in a class in advance is sometimes not the case and waiting until the final few days before the quarter ends is typical.
Students have opinions on last minute grading in classes and how it affects them. Junior Ethan Chelf said, “Teacher’s last minute grading is really stressful because I’m not sure what my grade in some classes could be when I’m waiting for a test or quiz to be graded. Waiting for something to be graded that could affect your grade negatively is the worst.”

When an assignment is graded close to the end of the quarter, students have no time to help their grade. Sophomore Nicole Wasserman said, “When I’m waiting for an assignment to be graded in a class I never know if there is anything I can do to raise it.”

Parents of students may put pressure on them and their grades The slow grading only hurts the students more. Freshman Ethan Kuan said, “Most of my grades weren’t final in my classes and my parents keep asking me when they were going to be up and I just have to keep waiting until they finally are.”

Not only does grading quickly benefit students, but it also benefits teachers. Social Studies teacher Jennifer Bauer said, “Students don’t have a sense of where their grades are, the quicker we grade them, the quicker students know their grade.”

Students who have a borderline grade in a class depend on that final assignment to be graded and the stress of waiting causes a lot of issues.

Freshman Jolie Graham said, “When I have an 89 in a class and I am waiting for the last grade it puts a lot of stress on me and I constantly worry about what I am going to get. It’s hard for me to focus on other things when I need to know my grade.”

Things would be much easier for everyone if grades were finished earlier so last minute stress could be avoided by students and teachers. Putting in grades earlier would solve easily avoided problems for students and teachers.