Definitively ranking days of week


Just like everything else in life, (music, restaurants, movies, books, need I go on?), the days of the week have a definitive ranking of best to worst. Everyone will have their opinions about which day comes out on top, but I am here to tell you the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth about which days fall where on a ranking from best to worst.
1. Saturday: Ahh, Saturday. This day was created to do whatever your heart desires. Want to go out? Go ahead, call up your friends and do a fun activity. Want to sleep all day? Stay in bed all day (with the exception of food and bathroom breaks, of course). The possibilities Saturday offers are endless, landing itself at the top of my list. Saturday is for YOU! A day to relax, unwind, let loose, sleep in and have fun.
2. Friday: I acknowledge that some do have Friday at number one, and I respect it. But, Friday is just short of the best. Sure, it is the start of the weekend, but it also conveniently happens to be the end of the week as well: Still have to go to school, still have to wake up early. Depending on the season, you always have the weekly football/hockey/lacrosse game to look forward to. As soon as that bell rings at 2:30 p.m., the weekend is yours to do whatever you want.
3. Wednesday: This is the day that you are most inspired to do things at school and you are motivated the most. On Wednesday, you’ve finally gotten out of your weekend slump, you’re feeling real good and you are getting even closer to the weekend. “By Wednesday, I know I have gotten halfway through my week, so it makes the rest of the week more bearable,” junior Sofia Weinstein said.
4. Thursday: To be frank, Thursday kind of sucks. But, it is Friday eve, which is why it has been put in the number four slot. Thursday is easily the longest day of the week, only because of how close it is to Friday and the weekend. The only good thing about Thursday is that this is the more relaxed side of the week, so it is finally more acceptable to put off some of the work and binge watch your favorite Netflix series. “The fact that Friday is tomorrow makes Thursday more fun,” junior Lauren Woodward said.
5. Tuesday: Tuesday is awful. Still getting over your Monday hangover, you may tend to find yourself tired, lethargic and just wanting to crawl into your bed until Friday comes again. Tuesday is trying to be Monday, but fails miserably.
6. Sunday: This day is meant to be spent cleaning your room, doing the homework you forgot about and planning your days out for the week. And the worst of all? On Sunday, all you’re doing is dreading the fact that tomorrow is, indeed, Monday. The only good thing that comes with Sunday is that football is on, therefore Sunday does not come in last. However, do not make the mistake of holding off on doing homework until the majority of football games are over, as you will likely end up staying up too late and throwing off your sleep schedule. “Football is by far the best part of Sunday,” senior Harrison Press said.
7. Monday: I feel as if I do not even need to explain why Monday sucks. Monday is Monday. Everyone dreads resetting their alarms to wake up before the crack of dawn It typically signifies the beginning of an exhausting school week. You will likely find yourself struggling to stay attentive during classes or realizing you had homework you completely forgot about over the weekend. With the addition of a Monday quiz or test, these days can be exponentially worse. There’s a reason why Garfield hates it so much.
Agree or disagree, weeks come and weeks go. The fact that we emerge alive, no matter how much we think we may not, is a miracle.


Katie Schreck

Features Editor