Winter break get-a-ways approach


Amanda Schless, Staff Writer

As soon as the second quarter starts and winter creeps in, students grow eager for winter break. This year’s break starts on Dec. 23 and ends on Jan. 2. “I am so excited for winter break this year because my family is going to Vail to ski,” freshman Jake Hoffman said.

Hoffman and other students enjoy spending their break doing snow related activities. Vail, Canada, Utah, Aspen, and Breckenridge are just a few of the places where you can ski or snowboard. Students have mornings full of skiing and an afternoon indulging in hot cocoa to make up for the numbness from the cold. “My sister and I wake up early so we can get to the slopes before it gets crowded. I like going to cold places over break because it reminds me of Christmas time,” junior Tamara Heller said.

To compensate for the gloomy weather, a handful of students find themselves vacationing somewhere tropical. Popular places include Mexico, Jamaica, the Dominican Republic and Florida. “My entire family including my cousins, are going to Aruba this year and I’m very excited. I have never gone anywhere for winter break so I am intrigued. I hope I get tan and meet some animals,” junior Kyler Hamlin said.

At these tropical places, students often partake in activities such as parasailing, snorkeling, tanning, hair braiding and jet skiing. “Last year, my family and I went to Jamaica and we spent almost every day at the beach where we went in the ocean, tanned, and we also went on a boat. At night we would go out for dinner then get ice cream,” freshman Jolie Graham said.

Those who have spent winter break away from home in the past say they are grateful. “Last year, my parents surprised my family with a trip to Mexico and we spent nine days there. We get exposed to different cultures and views that are not accessible in the United States and I am so grateful for the experience. I hope that sometime in the future I will be able to take more trips just like this one. It was also really amazing to have spent time with my grandparents who I rarely see,” junior Riya Kohli said.

Instead of going somewhere for break, students can experience loads of fun with a staycation. Students can go to the movies, ice skate or stay in bed.“Every year I stay home and I get in the holiday spirit. I went ice skating with my friends and then we made gingerbread houses,” junior Jack Grange said.