Bumped up grades mean bumped up spirits

Danielle Berman, Staff Writer

With final grades coming in and teachers loading in assignments, the idea of bumping up a grade can be difficult for some teachers. Teachers must take into account everything that the student has done throughout the quarter. While some believe that bumping grades is OK, others do not.
Students may believe that with their efforts and determination a teacher should bump a grade. Junior Keyan Roshan would agree with this statement. Roshan has been in a situation were he was on the cusp of getting an A. With an 89.3 in the class he went to his teacher and talked through the grading. He believed that with his hard work throughout the quarter he should’ve deserved the A. Roshan got his grade bumped and “felt accomplished that all [his] hard work throughout the quarter payed off in the end.”

History teacher Timothy Anderson is against this idea of bumping grades. He believes that a student’s grade is final after all grades are put in and will not change. Anderson takes into accountant a student’s circumstances and effort level but is a strong believer that your grade is your grade. He is against changing grades because he does not want to allow the student to slack off the next quarter.“Grades are not bumped because if I bumped one kid I would have to bump everyone,” Anderson said.

Teachers should do it if a kid is in a certain range. Teachers should take into account the student’s effort level and how much initiative they take to get a good grade in the class.

With the amount of pressure a grade can put on a student, teachers should give way to some of the grades. If a student has a 89.0 to an 89.3 ,as an example, teachers should look into bumping that student. A student has 7 classes a day and 6 other grades to worry about.

MCPS should state a range that is acceptable to bump grades and criteria a student must meet in order to get a grade bumped. An example is a student showing that they took initiative to get a good grade throughout the quarter. Another example is student proved to get outside help in trying to meet a higher grade.