High School Musical exceeds expectations despite sound system malfunctions

Nicolas Depalma, Staff Writer

The lights began to dim as musical-goers took their seats around the auditorium. The closed curtain swayed gently as the seconds passed by before it would eventually be drawn open. The gentle, reverberating chatter softly quieted, bright phone screens taking slightly longer to follow in suit.

The curtains opened on the theater department’s fall production of High School Musical the nights of Nov. 1 and 2. The turnout was positive with people in seats all around, characters in the play even teasing the fourth wall and mentioning a “full house.”

One thing can be certain: the talent shone bright as music numbers sounded and dance numbers played out on the wide auditorium stage. The play featured a number of humorous and witty jokes and connection to current pop culture; the crowd erupted in laughter and applause at the sight of Tik Tok dancing.

If this show sets any precedent for future plays put on by the theater department as past plays have done, students should definitely make their way through those auditorium doors to the coming promotions. The talent of the actors backed by the hard work of the stage crew and directors is something definitely worth the watch.

It is also good to support those who dedicate time and effort towards making the shows happen. Finding funding, piecing together costumes and choosing actors is certainly not an easy task, so going to see what the theater department works so hard to present every year is a good way to support them.

Though the hard work and continuous practice of the actors and stage crew were apparent, the show was lacking in one aspect, but assumably something not totally controllable: the microphones.

Crackling and popping of the mics occurred frequently throughout the duration of the show, regretfully limiting certain aspects of it like sound quality and ability of the audience to fully experience the music numbers.
The mic quality made it difficult to hear the lines delivered by the actors and thusly to fully follow along with the story. Had the sound been better, it would have been easier to follow along and fully enjoy the singing and acting of the people on stage.

Tying along with quiet and crackly mics, the sound of the music overpowered the actors. Whether because it was simply too loud or because the mics were too quiet, it was difficult to hear words said and lines sung over the music playing behind them.

Malfunctioning mics and loud music were not enough to mask the unmistakable talent showcased by the actors. The characters presented highly resembled the characters of the original movie, such as Sharpay and Ryan Evans. The singing brought back nostalgic memories of seeing the movie as a child.

The dance routines were well coordinated and presented, like the famous basketball scene, which mixes music, sports and choreography. The play also showcased a plethora of talented singers.
Not only is it a good idea to see the shows put on by the theater department, but a great idea to join, according to cast and crew.