English, yearbook teacher Melanie Moomau manages time


Leah Starr, Profiles Editor

English, yearbook teacher and new mom, Melanie Moomau has a lot on her plate this school year with a six-month-old baby boy. Although she has been busy, Moomau has not allowed her work to weigh her down.

Moomau has been working here as an English teacher for six years and as a yearbook teacher for three years. She has been able to manage her time well and plan for her classes strategically. “I have set the yearbook publisher deadlines so that they don’t align with the end of the quarter so that when I have my heaviest English grading times, it doesn’t interrupt yearbook deadlines and vice versa,” Moomau said.

While teaching English and yearbook, Moomau has learned what makes each class special. “English is special because you are giving people skills that they will use the rest of their lives. I get to see people become better readers and writers, which does have an impact on their futures and I think is cool. Yearbook is special because I get to form really special relationships with students. We also get to try and represent the year through pictures and words, which is neat. Also, I get to have the same students every year,” Moomau said.

Moomau is continually trying to make the yearbook better and more interesting and make her English classes interesting, engaging and helpful. As she does this, she finds herself busy with work. “Although I am busy, this year has been a good year for prioritizing my work and home life because I have figured out a better balance for me and my students. This means I have more time for my family, while still getting grades back at a good pace,” Moomau said.

Students who have had Moomau currently or in the past report back with only positive feedback. “Mrs. Moomau is such a good yearbook teacher. I look forward to coming to her class because it is so much fun but we also learn a lot,” yearbook editor-in-chief Madison Linn said.
Both students and Moomau enjoy class. “I love the lightbulb moments. When a student first gets tough material, sees how to make their writing better or finds enjoyment in what we are doing in class- those are the moments I enjoy,” Moomau said.