Riley Jordan creates beloved photo illustrations for online audience


Katherine Jackson, Staff Writer

Hockey player, diver, musician and the main face behind Common Sense’s Instagram graphics: Riley Jordan does it all. Jordan’s free time is filled with a variety of extracurricular activities, all of which he is passionate about.

Jordan learned how to edit photos in middle school by watching instructional YouTube videos. He intended to learn just enough to edit funny pictures of his friends, but as he edited more he saw potential in what he had learned and took it to another level.

This year, as a junior, Jordan applied his mastery to the Common Sense. Before every varsity sports game, he spends his time in newspaper class making a graphic with information about the game time and place. These graphics can be found on the Common Sense Instagram where they have received a great amount of attention from students. “It’s really fun to do something I enjoy everyday in school and be able to get better at it. It also gives me an opportunity to share it with other people, which I wouldn’t normally do,” Jordan said.

Editing photos is not Jordan’s only artistic hobby. He spends up to a few hours a day making music in his basement studio. Whether it’s just a simple beat or a funny song that he and his friends wrote, Jordan uses his artistic ability to make his own music sound professional. At a young age, Jordan taught himself how to play the drums and guitar. While these are his favorite instruments, he also knows how to play the piano and ukulele. He often incorporates these instruments into his beats and music to make it even more his own. “Everytime my friends and I go to Riley’s house we go straight to his studio and make songs for him to edit. He always autotunes our voices and makes it sound like real music. The songs are always really funny,” junior Kevin Friedman said.

At the age of six Jordan started playing hockey, following in the footsteps of his older brother. He took on the goalie position early on and has played for the varsity team since his freshman year. Jordan is one of the two goalies on the team and played a big role during their successful season last year. He balances this with the dive team, another sport he has been a part of since a young age. His busy schedule often overlaps. “When there is a dive team practice and a hockey practice on the same day I usually prioritize hockey. While I enjoy both sports I tend to take hockey a little more seriously, even though learning new dives can be really fun,” Jordan said.

All of these hobbies are a lot to take on for a high school student, especially during his junior year. But Jordan works hard in and out of school to keep up with his interests and plans to continue all of these activities until he must narrow it down. “I try to manage my time wisely and stay on top of my work so that it is easier for me to be able to work on other things as well,” Jordan said.