Paper Bridges presidents plan fundraisers to help less fortunate


Josie Rosenstein, Staff Writer

The Paper Bridges club has begun planning for the current school year. Co-Presidents of this school’s chapter, sophomore Carrie Wang and senior Ruonan Feng, are organizing fundraisers and new projects for the year.
According to Wang, the club is scheduling a Thanksgiving writing sessions for this month. Members will write letters to orphanages around the world that will be sent out for the holiday. The club is also hoping to hold a letter writing session at a local library. In addition, the chapter is planning its first fundraiser in order to raise money for the club. “We do fundraiser to try to raise money for small care packages,” Feng said.

Raising money for Paper Bridges is crucial, according to Wang, and is the only source of money for the club. The Paper Bridges here is part of a non-profit organization established in 2017 and based in Potomac. The 2019-2020 school year is Paper Bridge’s first year having a chapter at the school.

The organization is spreading to different schools around Montgomery county, and also has expanded to have chapters in parts of Canada.
Wang and Feng are currently attending events in the community to try to get others outside of students here involved. “We are working to expand our movement more,” Wang said.

Club members meet monthly to write letters, create encouraging posters and do any planned projects. Wang and Feng announce meeting times through their social media accounts, Facebook and Instagram. Anyone is allowed to attend meetings and start participating. Those wanting to join may also contact Wang and Feng through the club’s social media. Another way for students to get involved is to go onto the Paper Bridges website and write a letter online. Students who do not go to school here may apply to create a chapter at their schools.

According to club members and sophomore Rebecca McMillen, Paper Bridges is a great club for someone who is looking to help the less fortunate but does not want a huge time commitment. “You make a difference to the people you’re writing letters to,” McMillen said.

The club works with 16 orphanages from different parts of the world according to the Paper Bridges’ website. Other orphanages can apply to become partners with the organizations and its chapters. “The gesture of lending a hand to those that are less fortunate than you is very heartwarming,” Wang said.