Camryn Eats: BBQ Club


Camryn Yi, Features Editor

Nothing beats burgers and hotdogs before the Friday night lights turn on and the stands fill up. This week I’ll be reviewing our very own BBQ Club. The infamous club specializes in BBQ cooked foods such as hotdogs and burgers and also sell chips, drinks and candy.

The BBQ club is a student-run organization that lead tailgates before football games. The grill masters grill food while students enjoy time together before the game begins. The tailgate times are determined in the club’s Facebook group with over 400 students from all grade levels.

The grill masters include seniors Evan Mclaughlin, Ben Bloch, Daniel Rudden and Matthew Kopsidas. Before each grill session the boys make their way to Costco and gather supplies such as patties, hotdogs and condiments. You have the option of topping off your grilled meal with ketchup, mustard and relish.

The tailgates take place only before home football games and typically start an hour before the games. Occasionally the BBQ club will lead tailgates at soccer games.The food is only for students who are in the club. Students who ordered BBQ club Tshirts at the beginning of the school year can enjoy the BBQ food for free.

To get a shirt and join the club, you first need to join the Facebook group. After you’re in, all you need to do is fill out a form, which can be found in files, and turn it in to one of the officers. You have the option to pick between short sleeve, long sleeve or both. If you get a short sleeve T-shirt you pick a name to go on the back of it and post it in the group with your student ID.

How they make their BBQ is a whole ‘nother story. “Once we get our ingredients the other grill masters and I thaw them out, slap them on the grill, add some cheese and finally we add our secret ingredient,” senior grill master Evan Mclaughlin said.

Yes, you heard right: secret ingredient. As of right now the secret ingredient remains classified but will hopefully be disclosed soon.

Advise to the grill masters, and social studies teacher Jennifer Bauer said, “My daughter thought the burgers were better than McDonalds.”
I give the BBQ burgers and hotdogs a five star rating. Being a member of the BBQ club since my freshman year I may be a little biased but everything always tastes better when it’s free.