Students stay healthy during flu season


Quinn Lugenbeel, Arts Editor

As flu season approaches, taking preventative measures becomes crucial in order to stay healthy and active.

An effective way to prevent the flu is to get the annual flu shot. The flu vaccine is changed every year to help prevent the most common type of flu that year. The flu vaccine creates antibodies that provide protection against the flu by using the virus in the vaccine. “I get the flu shot every year because I want to stay healthy and I know it has benefits that will help me do that,” junior Paige Abid said.

That being said, it is still possible get the flu even after getting the vaccine. This causes people to believe that the vaccine is not worth it. It is believed that your immune system needs to learn to fight the flu on its own. “I don’t get the flu shot because I don’t think that it works and I don’t have time to go get it,” junior Brett Strauss said.

However, the flu shot aids the immune system by helping it to fight and prevent the flu. People are more likely to get the flu without the vaccine and the flu can lead to severe illnesses including hospitalization and possibly death.

Another effective way to prevent the flu is to stay hydrated. Water is used in almost every part of the body, and therefore, an abundant amount is necessary to stay healthy. It is recommended to drink eight 8-ounce glasses of water per day, or two liters. “Water has many important jobs, such as carrying nutrients and oxygen to your cells, flushing bacteria… regulating body temperature,” according to Harvard Health Publishing.

Getting enough sleep is crucial to staying healthy. Although students don’t always get enough sleep, it is recommended to get at least eight hours to be able to function well and fight off sickness by boosting the immune system. “I rarely get eight full hours of sleep but when I do, I definitely notice a difference in how I feel. I try to get enough sleep every night, but it is hard with school and extracurriculars,” Abid said.

Maintaining hygiene is important in staying healthy. Washing hands often and taking care of the body helps prevent germs from spreading. Avoiding the face also helps prevent the spread of germs. Similarly, eating healthy helps increase vitamins in the body, which boots the immune system and provides protection from the flu. Exercising also helps keep the body healthy through strengthening the immune system in defense against viruses and bacteria.

Preventing the flu is not only important, but so is preventing the spread of it. If you get the flu, you should disinfect the area around you and stay home until you’re healthy. Also, avoiding touching as many objects and people is possible to stop the spread of germs.