Students react to unsanitary habits, urge peers to pick up after themselves

Danielle Berman, Staff Writer

After eating lunch you quickly get up and leave to get to your next location. Some will clean up after themselves and make sure that no trash is left behind. Others will leave their trash behind for the building service to clean. In trying to beautify the community, simply cleaning up after yourself can be a major improvement.

Students have seen how much trash has been left behind in the hallways after lunch. Sophomore Justin McGraw is appalled at this. From going from his lunch spot to his sixth period class he says there is too much trash. When walking to his class he always feels bad for building service who has to clean up all the trash left on the ground. He feels that if we all simply cleaned up after ourselves it would keep the school cleaner and make building services job easier. “It’s not that hard to just clean up after yourself,” McGraw said.

Not only has this become noticeable to Mcgraw but also senior Madison Linn has been upset. She has noticed that the trash left behind in the halls has become more apparent. She notices that the trash left behind makes the hallways seem less inviting can cause an unpleasant smell in the halls. She wants to “draw more attention to the trash in the hallways after lunch and have people clean up after themselves,” Linn said.

Another student who is outraged is freshman Victoria Miller. She sits outside for lunch with her friends everyday. After cleaning up after herself she comes inside to find the trash filled halls. She picks up after other people and feels bad for the building service who has to do this everyday. She tries to emphasize to her friends that cleaning up after yourself is important and that if you don’t it’s leaving more work for other people. She said, “It’s so sad to see all the trash and I feel like it’s making the school look gross.”

Junior Keyan Roshan is upset with the trash too. With the clutter in the hallways the trash makes things worse. He feels like between the hallways the trash just gets kicked around with the shuffling feet and makes it spread out everywhere. With trash being pushed around everywhere Roshan is upset that no one cares to pick it up. He feels that “if everyone picks up at least one piece then the hallways will become cleaner.”