Passing time too short?

Sammantha Lim, Opinion Editor

It’s 7:40 in the morning and you’ve just arrived at school. You know you have to rush to get to class on time. However, it takes you the full five minutes to class on the other side of school and the halls are blocked with people also trying to get to class. How will you ever get to class on time now?

Students getting to class on time in the five minute allotted block can be difficult when classes are far apart. “If you’re unlucky enough, classes can be on the opposite of the school which gives you only five minutes to get there including going through hall traffic,” junior Bella Fischer said.

Hallways can be crowded during passing time, making it especially challenging to make it to class without being late. “Sometimes specific hallways get really crowded and we get a little late,” junior Lena Ware said.

Passing time should be seven to eight minutes. “I believe there should be seven minutes between classes since some teachers have a habit of going past the bell,” senior Jonathan Kim said.

When students feel rushed to get to class on time they will use unsafe methods to get there. “I think there should be seven to eight minutes to make sure we have enough time to get to each class without having to run or push people to get to class,” Ware said.

Teachers do not have to experience moving from class to class and are not understanding toward student explanations for their tardiness. “Teachers are strict about being there before the bell rings and if you tell them there was ‘traffic’ they said it’s not a valid excuse, but there was nothing we could do to get to class faster. I think if teachers were moving from class to class, they would feel the same way,” Ware said.

Teachers also mark students late when they do not make it to class on time for situations they cannot control. “I have been late to class because of insufficient time because of my previous teacher,” Kim said.

Teachers often do not let anyone leave the room because they are teaching., even for the bathroom. “I think eight minutes of passing time will give students the opportunity to use the bathroom and not be in a rush in general while going to classes,” Fischer said.

Passing time between classes should be seven to eight minutes to give students more time to get to class.