Redskins seeking to turn season around with new coaches

Jack Lvovsky, Staff Writer

This Redskins season is one to remember, but what people will remember is also what people want to forget.

The Redskins are an abysmal 1-5 this season, with their only win against the Dolphins, who are now 0-6. Junior Alex Ochman said, “The Redskins have never been a good football team but I’ve never seen them play this bad. It’s hard to watch the games on Sunday.”

Head coach, Jay Gruden, was fired on Oct. 7 after the Redskins lost their fifth straight game. Jay Gruden had a career record of 35-49 with the Redskins so he didn’t bring success to the franchise. Junior William Margaritas said, “Jay Gruden has made decisions that have lost us multiple games. I’m glad he got fired. We needed a coaching change for the Redskins’.

Amidst all of the horrible performances that the Redskins have produced, one bright spot on the football team is Terry Mclaurin, who is a rookie wide receiver out of Oklahoma State. He has 408 yards receiving and five touchdowns in only four games. He is the only thing that provides hope for Redskins fans. Sophomore Nate Jacobs said, “ Mclaurin has the potential to be one of the best receivers in football. I’m excited to see how well he does and hopefully he can win rookie of the year.”

Despite the struggles, the Redskins have the projected second easiest schedule in football. Their next few games they play teams either below or right around .500. After a coaching change, Bill Callahan has stepped up to the plate and is hoping to lead the Redskins and help them get a couple more wins. Junior Ryan Feldman said, “ I like coach Callahan. He is a good offensive coach and I hope he can turn this team around because I’m starting to get frustrated.”

Redskins fans believe that the main problem is the owner Dan Snyder. He has made decisions that have jeopardized their franchise. He has also made decisions without talking to the Redskins front office and those decisions have been proven to cause problems in the locker room. Senior TJ Douglas said, “Snyder is a terrible owner. I don’t know who gave him this job but if the Redskins will ever be good, he can’t be a part of that franchise. He makes horrible decisions.”

The Redskins subpar performances have led to a dramatic decrease in fan support. During games, the stadium is half filled and there is barely any team spirit. In a game against the Patriots, there were more Patriot fans in attendance at the game than Washington fans. Junior Keyan Roshan said, “ I don’t want to waste my Sundays going to the Redskins game just to see them lose by 20 to another team.”

The Redskins aren’t just bad, they are historically bad. They rank among the bottom five teams in offensive and defensive efficiency. They are also the third lowest scoring team in football and they have allowed the second most points in football. The team is filled with talent but the constant coaching changes and lack of leadership is limiting the Redskins and their ability to win games. Their 1-5 start is among the worst starts in franchise history.