JV girls’ soccer finishes strong with big win against Gaitherburg

Jack Lvovsky, Sports Editor

The girls’ JV soccer has gone through an interesting, yet successful season.

At 4-3-2, the team has been through all kinds of games. For most of these girls, this was their first official sports season and a lot of time and commitment comes with playing a sport. Freshman midfielder Alexis Granthon said, “This was my first high school athletics experience. For me, at first it was really hard coming in every day and practicing for two hours but eventually you get used to it and it becomes a lot of fun.”

The team started off strong, but their most recent games have not gone the way they wanted them to go. They have not won a game since Sept. 12, and were looking to end their season with a win. They didn’t lose hope and continued to work hard. Freshman defenseman, Alina Salim said, “Our team is capable of winning, we just need to stick together and win some games.”

On Oct. 2, the girls traveled to Quince Orchard to play the Cougars in what was considered a rivalry. The whole game both teams fought hard and had tons of opportunities but in the end, Quince Orchard scored a goal and ended up on top with a final score of 1-0. Sophomore forward Nicole Jezek said, “We had a ton of opportunities to score, but we just couldn’t put it in the goal. We definitely could have won that game; we played well but just couldn’t finish. I am still proud of the effort we put in and know we can win games if we continue playing at this level.”

On Oct. 12 in the final game of the season, the girls were looking for redemption as they traveled to Gaithersburg. The girls were ready to play from the first whistle as they completely dominated Gaithersburg, winning 7-0.

Goals were scored by freshman forward Genevieve Kodoul and freshman defender Ella White.The girls were upset after their loss against Quince Orchard and turned their season around with this crushing win over Gaithersburg. Freshman midfielder Jessica Winson said, ”We are capable of playing like this every game. Games like these are a lot of fun to play in because everyone loves winning. This was a huge confidence boost for my soccer team and I. I was very happy that we were able to end the season on a high note.”

None of the girls got called up to the varsity squad so their season has come to an end. Sophomore midfielder Ayla Khorsand said, “I’m so proud of these girls. I’ve loved this team and we have been through so much together. I know my teammates and I will continue to play for a long time. It was an amazing season.”