JV boys’ soccer finishes, reflects on fun-filled, successful season


Justin Linn, Staff Writer

Boys’ junior varsity soccer finished the season with a 3-3-3 record. The team ended on a high note, beating Gaithersburg 7-2.

Sophomore Nick Jones enjoyed his time on JV. Jones looks to keep his head up as the season ends and focus on next season and playing for varsity. “It sucks that the season and my JV career is over, but I will continue to work on my game, and tryout for varsity next year,” Jones said.

Freshman Felipe Lemgruber D’oliveira finished off the year helping his team as a supporting player. Lemgruber D’oliveira knows that his role will increase next season as his playing time increases along with chances of starting. “Obviously it is unfortunate that the season is over but I’m excited for the season next year because I know my role will increase and I can score more,” Lemgruber D’oliveira said.

Sophomore Ian Repie finished his tenure on JV helping out in the win against Gaithersburg. Repie, also plays on a club team year round. He will continue to play for his team and use his free time to play so he can make varsity next year. “Being on JV and my club team really helped me because I was able to have different coaches help me in different ways, which was very helpful. I will definitely continue to practice and play soccer until the season comes around next year,” Repie said.

Sophomore goalie Alvaro Guinea Romero backed up Glaser this season but isn’t letting that stop him from working harder in the offseason to prepare himself for the next season. Guinea Romero didn’t make the team his freshman year, but worked hard in the offseason and came back and made it this year. He has a similar mentality heading toward the offseason. “After not making it last year, I knew that I had to push myself to the next level and it worked to my benefit, but this year I will need to work even harder, and push myself to the max so I can make varsity,” Guinea Romero said.

Sophomore Daniel Yi recently got called up to varsity, which lets Yi know that the coaches know what he is capable of. “Getting called up was something special because I know that the coaches are watching me and they know what I can do,” Yi said.