JV field hockey looks back at successful season

Danielle Berman, Staff Writer

The JV field hockey team recaps some of their favorite moments being on the team: Winning games together, doing random bonding activities, and working hard in practices, a fulfilling season comes to an end.

Freshman Gillian Berman was happy to have made the team in the beginning and met new people. With entering high school, the team was an easy transition to help learn more about the community. Berman was also excited to be on a team with friends that she could have a lot of fun with. One of her favorite moments was “when we beat Norwood 6-0 and you could see how much fun everyone was having,” Berman said.

Freshman Sofie Vinick also had an enjoyable season. She was excited to make the team her freshman year. She is “looking forward to trying out next year and is counting down the days,” Vinick said.

This year was also a lot of hard work for the girls. With close games like their game against Walter Johnson 1-0 and games like Norwood which was a total blowout with them winning 6-0, these girls worked hard on and off the field.

Not only did they have practices and games, they also had to manage the stress of homework and academic stress. Sophomore goalie Jenna Seibert said some days it was hard to manage the stress of both. She had some late nights when coming back from games but knew she made a commitment to both. With attempting to manage both, “I knew it would be hard some days but planning ahead and getting work done in advance helped me a lot,“ Seibert said.