Falling back in to new shows

Amanda Schless, Staff Writer

Popular TV shows All American and Riverdale came out with new seasons this month. “I’ve been waiting for the release of these new seasons for so long. I’m excited to see what will happen in the episodes because both Riverdale and All American ended with cliffhangers,” junior Nik Men said.

All American season two premiered on Oct. 7 and is available for viewing on the CW television network or the app. In the last episode of season one, fans were left confused and dazed, after Corey James announced that he was unsure whether or not Dillon, Spencer’s brother, was Corey’s son or Coach Billy Baker’s son from his affair with Grace James.

The season picks up with a scene of the main character, football star Spencer James, and his best friend Tamia Cooper, formally known as “Coop” by Spencer and her close friends. The two were eyeing a graffiti portrait of a beloved rapper named Nipsey Hussle who died shortly after Tyrone, a gang member in the Crenshaw community, was arrested.

Having Spencer and Coop as the opening scene gave off a familiar sense to the fans and kept everyone excited for the rest of the episode. Later on, Grace admits that she does not have insight as to who the father is. Layla, Spencer’s girlfriend from Beverly Hills, was last seen tearing apart her house out of anger. In this episode, she claims to have her life figured out and that her father moved home and she is living with him.

All of these things, however, are lies. Things are heating up in Crenshaw, “The new episode has really taken a turn with the drama. I hope they reveal who Dillon’s real father is,” senior Antonia Roach said.

The first episode of season four of Riverdale, “Chapter Fifty Eight: In Memoriam,” aired on Oct. 10 on the CW network. The entire episode was a contribution to Fred Andrews, Archie’s dad on the show, played by Luke Perry who died on Mar. 4. As a result of the sudden death, Perry was written off of the show and his character, Fred Andrews, was killed in a car accident.

The episode opened with Archie and his close friends, Jughead, Veronica, and Betty preparing for the town’s Fourth of July festivities. Archie and his three friends were seated in a booth in the town’s local diner when Archie received the phone call about his father’s tragic accident. He was distraught, and his friends comforted him over the weeks after his father died.

Fred and Archie had a special father-son bond and Archie is not going to ever be the same. “After watching the first episode of season two, I still have no idea what this season is going to be about because there is always something new that happens each season. I was really sad while watching because of the fact that the actor, Luke Perry died in real life. I’m really excited for the rest of the season though,” sophomore Brady Weiss said.