In ranking of ultimate comfort food, students search for best mac ‘n cheese

Jordan Rubin, Managing Editor

A staple for young children and even teens and adults, the ultimate comfort food, is macaroni and cheese. The good news is there are multiple options for macaroni and cheese lovers everywhere right in the area.

Whether seeking a full meal of macaroni and cheese or just looking for a side dish, there is a wide selection of options to satisfy everyone’s palate. Here’s a look at our local area macaroni and cheese options.

Top of my list is one of the most popular restaurants known for its macaroni and cheese, Noodles and Company. According to, Noodles’ macaroni and cheese is their best seller. Noodles and Company has 461 locations nationwide and serves up to 10 million orders of macaroni and cheese annually. This dish at Noodles is thick, creamy and tasty. It comes with the cheese on top for the customer to mix to meet his or her preference for consistency. “Noodles’ is definitely one of my favorite places to get mac and cheese but I don’t always enjoy the atmosphere of the restaurant,” junior Ron Berlin said.

Not far behind Noodles is the macaroni and cheese that can be purchased in a large tin pan at Costco. You have to wait a full 60 minutes to heat it up but it is worth the wait. The noodles are extra big and the cheese is extra thick. This dish tastes like it is homemade with a mixture of different cheeses and is great as a meal or side dish.

At California Pizza Kitchen (CPK) macaroni and cheese is offered both on the children’s menu and the regular menu. It is the same portion of food just placed in a larger bowl off the regular menu for a higher cost. Sometimes the macaroni and cheese is hot, creamy and delicious. Other times it is not quite as satisfying with consistency issues.

Chick-fil-A recently joined the rankings of fast food chains offering macaroni and cheese. Known for its chicken, after adding this new items to the menu, it won’t be a surprise if soon it is a best seller. It is thick and creamy with an extra layer of cheese on top. It goes perfectly with their chicken nuggets or chicken sandwich.

A box of Kraft macaroni and cheese provides lots of options. There are various shapes to choose from such as spiral, SpongeBob and even Frozen characters. In addition to shapes there is the option for extra creamy or extra cheesy. It takes just a few steps to make a delicious pot. “Every year at camp there is nothing better than Kraft mac and cheese for dinner on canoe trip after a hard day of portaging,” senior Bailey Goldstein said.