AP Biology, AP Chemistry face off in challenge level

Maya Erd, Features Editor

Two of the most rigorous Advanced Placement classes are double periods and are both science courses: AP biology and AP chemistry. They vary in their class structures but the workload is similar.
For biology, work in the class includes note taking, reading and answering questions and focusing on the major labs that are going to be on the test. “For the most part the in class work load is not too much,” junior Jenna Shi said.

Chemistry is based on note taking and labs as well. “In class there is not too much work but you have to make sure you listen,” junior Adam Solomon said.

In biology, the out-of-class work load depends on what the class is learning. There’s about an hour of homework some nights but other nights it could be 10 minutes. If students are preparing for a test, students may have to do chapter objectives, which are questions that they have to answer. Students have labs that they need to finish so there tend to be questions and graphs they have to answer as well. For chemistry homework, students are either working on a lab report, daily worksheets or studying.

In both classes, it is important not to fall behind because the workload will add up. “I think AP biology is tough and you definitely have to work really hard but as long you stay on track it should be OK,” Shi said.