Wootton vs. Churchill: heartbreak, loss and few wins


Conor Walsh, Managing Editor

For decades, the Wootton and Churchill rivalry has been a part of students’ lives. They are the most anticipated games in every athlete’s schedule, the games athletes circle on their calendar. They also happen to be the most exciting games for teachers, parents and students. Nobody knows how the rivalry started, but it is clear to everyone here at school that Churchill is one of the most looked forward to games.

The rivalry has already begun this year with multiple sports already having faced off against Churchill. On Sept.20 the Patriots and Bulldogs varsity football teams faced off at home. The game started off with the Patriots in control up 9-0. However the Patriots struggled to get their offense going the rest of the game and ended up falling to the Bulldogs 15-9. Sophomore Nate Jacobs said, “It was a tough loss especially to one of our biggest rivals. You never like to lose close games like that, but there’s a long season ahead of us.”

JV Football also lost a close game to the Bulldogs on Sept. 20. The final score was, 7-6. Despite two losses to our rivals both boys and girls soccer came away with a win. On Sept. 18 the soccer team won 4-2 and JV boys’ soccer lost a close game. On the same night varsity and JV girls soccer were able to pull through with two wins. Varsity won 3-2 and JV won 2-0. Senior Matthew Kopsidas said, “It was awesome to see a bunch of our soccer teams come out with wins. It’s always fun to get a win against a big rival like Churchill.”

Our Golf team also faced off against Churchill recently ina match with multiple other schools. The Patriots ended up losing to the Bulldogs in their match, but will get other chances to get a win against the Bulldogs in their later matches.

Some of the most recent memorable matches against Churchill have been the hockey state championship last year and he Patriots and the Bulldogs went back and forth. The Patriots started off with a 2-0 lead but then let up four unanswered goals. The Patriots ended up scoring one more, but lost a hard fought battle.

In another memorable game the Patriots beat Churchill in one of the better highschool football games in students ‘careers. With 35 seconds the Patriots went down to score and take the lead with only 10 seconds left. Junior Kevin Friedman said, “It was one of the best high school football games I have ever seen. It was a crazy comeback and was even better because it was against Churchill.”